How it works…

Only 6 easy steps to append and receive your data

Step 1 
Prepare your data

Your spreadsheet needs to have all data on a single sheet, with only one Input type per column. For example, First Name will be in one column and Last Name will be in a separate column. The file will need to be saved as a .CSV file.

You will need at least one of the following input types to run an append routine.

  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Or a combination of first name, last name and zip code

Note: Our system does exact match so the highest level of accuracy is achieved.

Step 2 
Select your data


Select the database that you want to append data from, then browse your computer and select your file that you want the data matched and appended to. Your data can be imported from a CSV file.

Step 3 
Select the Input types that are included in your file

Map your data columns to the columns on one of our databases, then Press the + icon to add the mapping.   Finally type in the name of your match.

Step 4
Start your list append

Click on the Search icon to begin the match.

Step 5 
Verify the match count and credits available

Verify the list count and press Confirm to accept and pay for your match.

Step 6
Download your appended file

Once your append job is complete, you will receive an email confirmation and your newly appended file  will be available for download in the history screen to your right.

Available Customer Database Enhancements

 ✔ First Name
 ✔ Last Name
 ✔ Phone Numbers
 ✔ Cell Numbers
 ✔ Age
 ✔ Gender
 ✔ Income
 ✔ Pets
 ✔ Healthcare
 ✔ Financial Services
 ✔ Household Profile
 ✔ Telecommunications
 ✔ Digital Families

 ✔ Buyer Propensity
 ✔ Household Insights
 ✔ Custom Selections
 ✔ Energy & Utilities
 ✔ Media
 ✔ Insurance
 ✔ Non-Profit
 ✔ Consumer View Basic
 ✔ Catalog, Retail & eTail
 ✔ Travel, Leisure & Gaming
 ✔ Political & Government
 ✔ Marital Status
 ✔ Occupation

And More……..


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About AppendMaxx
AppendMaxx is a data technology service from OpenMeta that provides a self-serve suite of products that includes a search and fulfillment engine with match and append. AppendMaxx can also add enhancements from our other in-house databases, including Social Network Information and Demographic data, to your marketing lists.