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Don’t let your Marketing, Sales, and Compliance efforts be comprised by outdated or incomplete data. Improve your customer insight and advance your profiling and targeting efforts. We can help you segment your customer database by providing in-depth intelligence.

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Email Address Append 
Add email addresses to your contact database, match email addresses to your direct mail list to accelerate your email marketing, or take advantage of Facebook’s custom audiences or Twitter’s tailored audiences. Our email append platform attaches business and consumer email addresses to postal records, keeping you in touch with direct mail subscribers and boosting the size of your email list in one fell swoop. Using our services, you can increase the size of your email list by 20-45% in a matter of MINUTES.

Phone Append
Our phone append service adds phone numbers to your customer and prospects lists. Our Data enables multichannel marketing campaigns and gives you insights to improve the targeting of your marketing programs.

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Data Enhancement
With more data and more choices, it’s easier than ever to learn about your customers and prospects. We have the latest and most accurate data that provides businesses like yours with a deeper understanding of consumers’ characteristics by overlaying demographic information and USA household lifestyle segmentations on to your file any time, day or night.

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About AppendMaxx
AppendMaxx is a data technology service from Exactis that provides a self-serve suite of products that includes a search and fulfillment engine with match and append. AppendMaxx can also add enhancements from our other in-house databases, including Social Network Information and Demographic data, to your marketing lists.